In Magento 2 How To Remove “Add To Wishlist” Button?

Wishlist in an online store is a feature that permits the visitors to mark an item or save it for future purchases. Usually, the wishlist is represented with a heart or star symbol. Once you enable Wishlists, the Add to Wishlist link shows up on the category and product pages of your store.

Follow the below steps to remove “Add To Wishlist” button in Magento 2 store :

Steps To Remove “Add To Wishlist” Button in Magento 2

  1. Log in to admin panel
  2. Navigate to Stores > Configuration
  3. Go to Wishlist under Customers
  4. Expand the General Options
  • Set Enable Yes/ No
  • Show in Sidebar: Specifies whether wish lists are visible in the sidebar. Options: Yes / No

5. Expand the Share Options

  • Set Email Sender to the store contact
  • Set Email Template which is used once a customer shares a wishlist.
  • Choose Max Emails Allowed to be Sent: 10 (default value), can be up to 10,000.
  • Choose Email Text Length Limit: 255 (default value)

6. Expand the My Wish List Link Options

  • Display Wish List Summary: Configures the display of the Wish List Summary in the customer account dashboard. Options: Display number of items in wish list / Display item quantities

That’s all!

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Things To Consider While Building Your Website (2020 Checklist)

Designing your website? Every Store owner wishes to create the best website and the one which we call a user friendly website. And so we all are curious to know the checklist for building a website and the points we must consider while building a website. From functionality and appearance to navigation and coding integrity, a lot goes into creating an eye-catching, user-friendly website and so every store owner wishes to know the easiest way to create a website.

A website is one of your client’s most important tools — a ‘round-the-clock advocate for their products or services, a machine for lead generation, a virtual storefront, an anchor for their business’s social media channels and other online properties, a platform for thought leadership. In some cases, their website is the first impression made to prospective customers.

Things To Consider While Building Your Website

  1. Purpose that aligns with your audience and their goals
  2. Your site must be mobile-friendly
  3. Gather secret intel on the competition’s websites
  4. Get creative
  5. Create a timeline with realistic deadlines
  6. A good website is always changing

Purpose that aligns with your audience and their goals

When planning a new website, it’s understandable that you might want to jump ahead to the “fun stuff” and brainstorm ideas for advanced features. You might find yourself looking at other websites for ideas about digital bells and whistles you want to add. But features and graphics should not be your starting point—you should first list your goals and objectives for the site.

In developing your website goals, it’s vital to consider your ideal visitor. Clients often fall back on “our buyers are diverse,” but a website aimed at everyone may attract no one. Your content needs to instantly appeal to your ideal visitors, convince them you are worthy of their time, and make it easy for them to take the next step, and try considering a well experienced content writer for this.

Your site must be mobile-friendly

Mobile is critical to your business – whether you’re blogging about your favorite sports team, working on the website for your community theater, or selling products to potential clients. Make sure that visitors can have a good experience on your site when they’re visiting from their mobile devices. Today, everyone has smartphones with them, constantly communicating and looking for information. In many countries, the number of smartphones has surpassed the number of personal computers; having a mobile-friendly website has become a critical part of having an online presence.

Gather secret intel on the competition’s websites

Conducting a competitive analysis is an important part of any savvy business strategy because, without knowing how you rank against your competitors, it is impossible to know which competitors are your greatest threats, how to beat them or where you should focus your efforts.

Get creative

The status of a good web designer is debated throughout the professional communities. Is it someone who is able to provide an eye-catching web design involving everyday activity and an ability to process a huge amount of information? Indeed. But in fact, the job of a web designer does not end at building websites that look good. It comes with way more.

CREATIVITY is the key word which leads to success.

Create a timeline with realistic deadlines

Setting deadlines is easy… setting realistic deadlines, that is the tricky part. Don’t schedule your deadline with the expectation you can work sixteen hour days to complete it. Death Marches aren’t healthy.We often set unrealistic deadlines – when we would actually garner more respect if we were up front about the time it takes to complete a task.

You are the one who is going to have to make sure the deadlines you set for any work are reasonable and that it’s a date you can easily reach without adding undue stress to you or anyone else. The rough part of it is that if you do set the date that’s too soon, you have to hit it or risk hurting your reputation as a business, when you could have just told the client that it will be done at the proper time and save yourself from all that added stress.

A good website is always changing

What works well on one browser needs to look good on another – and that means that designs need to be flexible, adaptable, and be suitable. Selection of Awwwards winning flexible websites or responsive websites which fit multiple screen sizes. Fluid grids, flexible images and media queries are the cornerstones of … It’s a must-watch for anyone interested in building great websites.


Website creation is a task of a well experienced web developer having immense knowledge in web design and development along with the awareness of latest market trends and requirements. Hence hire Webiators the best website development company having years of experience and a well maintained goodwill with a team of professional developers and desingers.

Onboarding Process: How To Make New Hires Fall in Love With Your Company?

Many companies have an ad-hoc onboarding process for new hires. As your company grows, it’s important to formalize the steps taken to introduce someone to the company.

Hiring managers and founders spend so much time and energy on recruiting, evaluating, and closing talented candidates. And keeping in mind that it may have taken creative hiring strategies and an extended timeline to get star candidates to sign on the dotted line, in many ways, the real journey is only beginning. 

Recently recruited employees’ first days and weeks are what will decide if they’ll stay for the since a long time ago run. Yet, very frequently, new companies underinvest in onboarding, or overlook it completely, trusting that “preliminary by fire” will be a solid instructor.

Why is on-boarding important?

First impressions matter. 

A supportive and informative first day can help emotionally connect a new employee to your business; a disorganized one could be enough to convince them they made the wrong choice.

Providing people with the information and tools they need helps get them up to speed quicker, improving your return on investment. Your onboarding process is an essential part of welcoming and retaining your employees. It should cover basic organizational aspects, like company policies and benefits. It should also give new employees a better sense of your company’s values and what the job entails.

Following are some points to keep in mind while making the employee onboarding process happy for the new hires:

Sooner than The First Day

  1. Gather the required administrative work. 
  2. Send emails related to documents required for joining.
  3. Send an E-offer letter to a new hire.
  4. Send office timing information to the new hire so they can be on time at the office.

On The First Day

  1. Give an introduction to the company’s work culture, values, and mission.
  2. present a welcome greet at the workplace in front of whole employees.
  3. Post welcome greet on social media. it makes a great impact both for new hire and the company.
  4. Show the whole office so they may know each n every place like meeting room, washroom.
  5. Introduce them to the whole employees in the workplace and arrange a gathering between the manager and new hire.
  6. Tell them about lunchtime and other information.

For The First Month

  1. Arrange a weekly meeting to know about their work feedback, improvement, and difficulties faced by them.
  2. Present them essential things like a notebook, pen and other.
  3. Examine are they getting better with the other employees in the workplace.
  4. Ask them if they need any suggestion or facing any kind of difficulties in the office.
  5. present them surprises like the employee of the month or indulge them in different activities so they can feel happy at the workplace.
  6. Setup a group outing of the employees to new places so that they can feel refreshed.

While we’ve only covered the first month, it’s important to note studies have shown companies with less than one month dedicated to onboarding are 9% less likely to keep first-year employees than companies with longer processes.

Your new hires need time to fully acclimate to their roles and the company culture. A good time frame is roughly one to three months minimum, but some companies choose to implement an onboarding process that lasts a full year.

Ultimately, a good onboarding process will take into consideration both what your team needs from your new hire, and what your new hire needs to succeed in her role. It might require flexibility and patience, but it’s worth it if you can show your new hire she’s a valuable asset to your team.

Work From Home Guidelines As per DoT (2020 Updates)

The government on Tuesday said it has extended connectivity norms for work from home for IT and BPO companies till December 31. The time period for work from home was expiring on July 31.

In wake of pandemic, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) on Tuesday extended till 31 December the relaxation in work from home (WFH) norms for other service providers (OSPs), including the IT sector. This is the second extension given to OSPs, primarily IT and IT-enabled services firms, to facilitate WFH amid the coronavirus-led restrictions.

DoT had first announced relaxation in WFH rules in April when India was under a strict lockdown to contain the spread of COVID-19 and later extended the date till 31 July.

Earlier, companies were not allowed to connect office Virtual Private Network to home infrastructure, a rule that was subsequently relaxed in view of coronavirus pandemic. currently, around 85 percent of the IT workforce is working from home and only those performing critical functions are going to offices.

We are amidst an adaptable working environment revolution. More employees than any other time in recent memory are working distantly, and it’s anticipated that by 2020, 30 percent of the workforce will either be freelance, re-appropriated, or remote employees who invest a lot of their energy work from home. 

While the advantages of work from home are promptly clear for employees, specifically maintaining a strategic distance from the everyday drive and attempting to a timetable that suits them, the advantages for employers are not always quite so obvious.

Some people love the idea of working from home, others hate it. There are so many biases involved when it comes to this working style. The outcome is that people either desperately try to score a remote job so they can stay at home,  or decline to work from home because they only think about negative consequences. 

It is about time to have a comprehensive look at the real work from home pros and cons and see what is behind the popular job trend.

Luckily, there are plenty of advantages to working from home. This is what you could look forward to:

As with everything, working from home has its disadvantages, too. See what you might not like too much about it:

Conclusion: Industry leaders lauded the DoT’s decision that will enable IT companies to allow their employees to work from home till the end of 2020.

The trend of work from home is likely to continue even after the pandemic ends as companies see this as a viable and cost-effective future model, which requires lesser office space, Nasscom said in April.


HR supervisors administer the most significant segment of a successful business – a profitable, flourishing workforce. This requires seeing individuals as human resources, not expenses to the association. Similarly as with some other resource, a gifted workforce can be utilized deliberately to increase the value of an association.

Since each association is made of individuals, HRM is tied in with obtaining administrations of individuals, building up their abilities, spurring them to the principal level and ensuring that they keep on keeping up their dedication towards the association.

In short, HRM is concerned with the management of employees from recruitment to retirement.  Although there are many functions of human resource management, here is a list of its major functions:

Vital Role of HRM 

The HR supervisory crew proposes to the supervisory crew how to deliberately oversee individuals as business assets. This incorporates enrolling and recruiting workers with explicit ranges of abilities to meet the organization’s current and future objectives, planning representative advantages and recommending representative preparing and advancement systems. Along these lines, HR experts are specialists, not laborers in a confined business work; they exhort administrators on numerous issues identified with representatives and how they help the association accomplish its objectives.

Recruitment And Selection

Recruitment is the process of captivating, screening, and selecting potential and qualified candidates based on objective criteria for a particular job. The goal of this process is to attract the qualified applicants and to encourage the unqualified applicants to opt themselves out.

Before starting the process of recruitment, the companies must execute proper staffing plans and should grade the number of employees they are going to need. Forecasting of the employees should depend upon the annual budget of the organization and short-term and long-term goals of the organization.

Recruitment and selection process is very important to every organization because it reduces the costs of mistakes such as engaging incompetent, unmotivated, and under qualified employees. Firing the unqualified candidate and hiring the new employee is again an expensive process.

Employee relations

The lifeblood of any organization is its people. As we’ve written multiple times, engaged employees are more productive and can make a positive impact on a business’ bottom line. To that end, the HR department is there as a liaison between the organization and employees, to make sure that employees are kept abreast of relevant information and that they, in turn, are represented by the HR team in any decisions that may impact them. A simple way of keeping staff up to date is a regular HR newsletter which details pertinent news and developments, as well as providing a forum for employees to engage. 

Building Loyalty and Commitment 

HR experts likewise propose methodologies for expanding worker responsibility to the association. This starts with utilizing the recruitment process or coordinating workers with the correct situations as indicated by their capabilities. When recruited, workers must be focused on their employment and feel tested during the time by their manager.

Maintaining Good Working Conditions 

It is the responsibility of the human asset the board to give great working conditions to the representative with the goal that they may like the working environment and the workplace. It is the central obligation of the HR office to rouse the representatives. The examination has been discovered that representatives don’t add to the objectives of the association as much as could reasonably be expected. This is a result of the absence of inspiration. 

Human assets the executives should think of a framework to give money related and non-budgetary advantages to the representatives from the different divisions. Employee welfare is another idea which ought to be overseen by HR group.Employee welfare promotes job satisfaction.

Training And Development

Training and advancement are the imperative elements of human assets on the board. It is the endeavor to improve the current or future presentation of a representative by expanding the capacity of a worker through teaching and expanding one’s aptitudes or information in the specific subject.

Staying Current and Competitive 

Human asset the executives requires key intending to address the changing needs of a business as well as a continually moving serious employment advertisement. Representative advantage bundles must be ceaselessly surveyed for expenses to the business. Tweaking the bundles additionally gives a chance to build worker maintenance through the option of excursion days, adaptable working courses of action or retirement plan upgrades. For instance, as of late numerous human asset experts have managed the expansion of protection well being segments to customary well being plans for both work enlistment and maintenance efforts.

How To Add Date of Birth Field in Customer Registration Form in Magento 2?

Hello Magento Folks,

In this blog, we will discuss about steps to add Add Date of Birth Field in Customer Registration Form in Magento 2, as you know In core Magento 2 data of birth field is not there.

Step 1 : Login to you magento 2 admin panel

Step 2 : Navigate to Store >> Configuration >> Customers >> Customers Configurations >> Name and Address Options

Step 3 : Set “Show Date of Birth” option to Optional OR required based on your requirements from the dropdown.

Save Config and Flush your Cache.

Here you can see the output:

I believe this blog helps you was easy enough to make your understand. if you still have doubt please fee free to leave comment below to discuss more about this.

Happy Coding

Magento 2.4 Release Date, Downloading And Its Features

The coming time is going to be an eventful one for businesses using Magento since the release of Magento 2.4 is here. The idea is to stay ahead from pandemic by keeping your e-commerce store running on the latest version of the Magento platform so that it has access to the best features and fixes. The release of the Magento 2.4.0 in 2020 is going to bring a new set of great features, improvements, and updates along with great product stability. So if you are planning to make a move to this advanced version on Magento 2.4 release date July, 28, here you will get to know the features of  Magento 2.4.

What You Can Expect In This Blog?

Magento 2.4 release date

Magento 2.4 Features

Magento 2.4 Release Notes

Steps to Get Magento 2.4.0

Our Magento’s engineers are constantly working to help you improve the performance of your Magento store and boost the sales of your online business in the most effective way. Read further to know more about this.

Magento 2.4 release date

The new upgrade of Magento 2 has surprised its Magento Community people and developers with the announcement date of Magento 2.4 to release on July, 28. Every new release comes with features that make the E-commerce platform better in various aspects. The release is going to bring a new set of great features, improvements, and updates along with great product stability.

Magento 2.4 Features

Magento is continuously doing research & development on the latest technology and working dedicatedly to release thousands of new awesome features, improvements and upgrades to enhance the performance of your Magento store and improve the functionality of GraphQL, Page Builder, Admin UX, security patches, bug fixes, and better progress web app for B2B and B2C business types.

Magento always has been proven the most powerful and effective business solution for its wide range of community people and developers. It has been on fire with its every new upgraded version and updates in security patches to contribute the business to a new height of success from around the world.

It is expected that Magento 2.4 will also include the improvements in additional buyer experience, Page Builder support, and integration with Adobe products and services. Integration with other Adobe products is the expectations of bringing more new updates in Magento 2.4 Open-Source, Commerce, and Cloud.

Furthermore, we would like to draw your attention to highlight the features of Magento 2 PWA roadmap in the following areas:

  • Enhancements in customer shopping experience by using Peregrine Hooks and Venia Components associated with PWA
  • Enhanced GraphQL API support
  • Improvements in Category Filters and Marketplace supports
  • Integration with Adobe Products and Page Builder support

As per the announcement of the new upgraded version Magento 2.4, other additional improvements are to be expected in the following directions:

  • Improvements in the functionality of GraphQL
  • Expected to include “shiny new API” together with tons of awesome new features, product stability, component upgrades, store performance, etc.
  • Better Progressive Web App technology for B2B and B2C types
  • Provide Full coverage to the admins in Magento Open Source, Commerce Edition, and Cloud-Based technology
  • Expected to introduce a new concept of the Storefront API
  • Better functionality for Admin UX
  • Improvements in the frontend framework
  • Improvements in Asynchronous Import functionality
  • Improvements in Magento 2 Commerce Cloud deployment process
  • Improvements in Page Builder and other extensions
  • Latest upgrades and updates in security patches
  • Hundreds of Bug fixes and tests

Magento 2.4 Release Notes

The primary improvements of this Magento 2.4 open Source are listed below. First of all, the usual upgrades are brought in this version as well such as security changes, platform upgrades, and performance improvements that contain more than 100 bug fixes. It also contains the quarterly change of backward-incompatibility. Although, there are only minor changes in the new version. 

This beta version is the new release that offers the facility to add security patches that do not need any other functional improvements. The newer patch version delivers all the hotfixes used to the 2.3.5 release from the version. The PWA Studio and Inventory Management are also documented and released standalone. 

Steps to Get Magento 2.4.0 

You can have the beta version of this latest update. However, it is just applicable to those who are participating in the Magento Beta Coding. The chances are better if you find the code of this 2.4.0 version early


We’ve gathered the most probable enhancements that may become a part of Magento 2.4 Open Source, Commerce, and Cloud. I would also like to know what do you think about the upcoming Magento 2.4 release plus if you want to get Magneto 2.4 installed visit Webiators and consult our Magento Developers.

Thank you.

Google Pay for Magento 2: Plugin Available for free

Google Pay helps users quickly and easily complete purchases in apps and on your websites.  Google pay for magento 2 is an official Google Pay extension worked in a joint effort with Unbound Commerce to give vendors the choice to empower Google Pay as a checkout and payment alternative to their clients. Allow customers to conveniently pay with any eligible credit or debit card stored in their Google account or Android device and is free to use, and integrates with popular payment service providers including Adyen, BlueSnap, Braintree, FirstData – Payeezy & Ucom, Moneris, Stripe, and Vantiv.

A Google Pay account is required to utilize Magento 2 extension for Google Pay. On the off chance that you don’t yet have a Google Pay account, at that point you should pursue one as the augmentation won’t make a record for you during the establishment. You will likewise require a vendor account and will be dependent upon any exchange expenses they may charge.

Google pay magento extension, when configured, will display Google Pay as an option in the Mini-Cart as well as the standard checkout screens. Checkout with Google Pay is easy and fast, decreasing your customers’ time to buy, and increasing your conversion. There are no fees for merchants or customers to use Google Pay, and Google’s enhanced security and identity controls means Google Pay transactions are declined less frequently than card only transactions.


Enable Google Pay as a payment method in your website 
Support dynamic updates: a feature that automatically recalculates the total amount in customers’ carts based on shipping address and delivery method 
Customize how the Google Pay button appears in your checkout flow
Customize the cards and networks you accept
Integrate with popular payment service providers including Adyen, BlueSnap, Braintree, FirstData – Payeezy & Ucom, Moneris, Stripe, and Vantiv
Broad web browser support, including: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and UCWeb UC Browser.
Integrate with the Magento minicart
Support refunds via Magento credit memos 
Supports sandbox testing mode 

When you integrate with Google Pay, your customers can pay quickly using the payment methods they’ve securely saved to their Google Accounts. This is an official Google Pay extension built in collaboration with Unbound Commerce.

Integrating Google Pay into your website is a great way to increase conversions and to improve the purchasing experience for your customers.Complete a quick integration to add Google Pay plugin to your magento website with Webiators and get it free if you will be under the first 100 lucky customers.

How To Discuss Salary During An Job Interview?

During the job interview process, everyone has to phase the question, “what’s your salary expectations?”.There are a couple of reasons employers ask this question. As a rule, the company has planned a pay range for the job. They need to be certain that your desires are steady with that spending plan before pushing ahead. 

Another explanation is that, should things keep on working out positively, your potential manager needs to put together an offer that is convincing and energizing to you. This question opens up an open door for you to consider and talk about the salary just like other benefits that interest you. In this article, we disclose how to discuss your salary in a job interview.

Know your value

Each activity has a general market esteem. Before you share your salary with an employer, contemplate what you’re acquiring by and by, including pay, rewards, and benefits. At that point, use the research you’ve done to set a practical objective for what kind of remuneration you need in your next job. What salary would you say you are searching for? Which advantages do you esteem the most? What different perks interest you? 

In case you’re changing profession tracks or meeting for a job at a company that is organized uniquely in contrast to your last employer, you ought to have the option to explain what you’re picking up or losing as far as to pay.

Do Your Research

Never at any point ask a question without having built up information on the subject. Do free research on the topic you care about. This encourages you to outline your particular inquiries and shows the employee you have done some proactive homework on the organization.

Look on sites like Glassdoor and Comparably to get a sense of the company’s salary range and benefit structures. If possible, connect with existing employees on LinkedIn and ask them about the organization’s culture.

Present a strong situation while talking about salary

You need to be able to talk specifically about your skills, experience, and prior successes, especially those that have had a measurable effect on the bottom line.

This will profit you when the opportunity arrives for salary negotiation. Try not to be hesitant to let your enthusiasm for the role show – your passion can be contagious.

Don’t get ahead of yourself

Wait for the hiring manager to bring up the salary discussion and make sure you fully understand the requirements of the position before answering questions about your preferred pay.

Ask planned employers what they think would be an appropriate pay range for the position so you can avoid giving a figure that is too high or low when discussing salary.     

When it comes to receiving a job offer and negotiating salary, here are a few considerations:

  • Always try to negotiate – If you’re offered a salary that doesn’t meet your expectations, it’s okay to request additional compensation. Employers may start at the lower end of their salary range, leaving room to move.
  • Think beyond the pay packet – Be sure to look at the full picture when evaluating a job offer. The job you love could offer a generous benefits package or opportunities to learn and grow with the company, which may compensate for a lower starting salary.
  • Get it in writing – Before accepting a job offer, make sure that you get an offer in writing stating the salary.

Sometimes it pays to be proactive and put your expectations on the table. It’s a bold move, but you’ll definitely find out, one way or another if the job will meet your salary demands. Just make sure you’re not overly ambitious with your range. Ground your number in real data from people with comparable skills and backgrounds in your area.