Parameters To Evaluate Digital Marketing Company

Marketing is all about figuring out your target audience and focusing on your target market with your desired goal. Earlier people used to come in contact with radio, newspapers, and other offline media outlets. But now it’s more complicated. The target market has split into two medium i.e online and offline medium. The online medium is in the craze as it breaks down the barrier of time place and space.

Why Do You Need  To Hire A Digital Marketing Company?

When a business get started whether small or big, their focus is to get their customer. They can rely on the traditional form of media like advertising, print, flyers, etc. But this strategy cannot target customers in every corner of the world. A large group of potential customers can be found online and a Digital Marketing Company can help you reach your potential buyers. Other benefits of online marketing include-

  • Reach Globally.
  • Enables you to interact with the customer directly.
  • Be accessible to your customer.
  • Helps you find and monitor your target audience.
  • Can work according to trend.
  • Track responses.

Parameters To Evaluate A Digital Marketing Company:-

Marketing knowledge- The first thing to see in a marketing firm is to understand its marketing knowledge. It doesn’t mean only digital marketing knowledge, but knowledge of potential customers and buyers i.e. customer behavior. The firm should understand your market, competition, audience, audience behavior and psychology, and other things. These understandings can lead you to prospect goals.

Industry experience- While everyone thinks that industry experience includes the number of years in the industry. But that’s not it, the industry experience includes how the company has improved their working strategies to cope up with new techniques and methods.

Clarify your company’s goals & strategies- While choosing the online marketing company, you should know your main objective to achieve by them. This parameter will help your marketing company to eliminate blind spots, if any, and understand where you are and what you want to achieve. 

Evaluate their fee structure- Every company has different criteria to charge, some factors include budget percentage and some include the total cost. Budget is the ultimate factor that will help you choose the desired company you want under your budget.

Recent Work and case studies- While hiring any digital marketing company always ask for their recent works. This helps you to know and understand the working style and strategies of the company. If you are happy with their presentation of work you can go for it and if not you may need to keep looking for other agencies.

About Webiators Technologies

Founded in 2017, Webiators is the fastest growing Web Development and Website Marketing Company offering a wide range of services all over the world. It is one of the best digital marketing companies that will surely make your all needs satisfied with their innovative ideas & strategies. Their services include Search Engine Optimization, Content Optimization, Technical SEO, Paid Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. The Company experienced working with 1000+ satisfied customers. Be among them!

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Things to consider while choosing Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing has been a savior and uplifting weapon for new startups and small brands these days. Digital Marketing has made many businesses touch the success star. Well, the term itself says ‘Digital’ and ‘marketing’ in such a manner that means to advertise or promote by digital channel. Online marketing agency practices with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Influencing. Digital Marketing can extend its reach to non-internet channels like, (SMS, MMS), hold-on mobile ringtones, this is known as offline Digital Marketing. 

Aspects to choose wisely your online digital marketing agency:   

Before you do contact, or take any step further, first of all, examine yourself about what your actual goals are, and what your company seeks.   

Ask yourself:   

  • What are your company’s targets?  
  • Are these targets measurable?  
  • Is a digital marketing agency a solution?  

If the answer to these questions gives you yes for a new partner then a new question arises: Which Digital Marketing agency will perfectly fit your business and will understand your goals. Now let’s discuss further steps-   

  • What is your budget for hiring a digital marketing agency?  
  • What time ratio can you support them?  
  • Does the agency understand your goals?  
  • What is their strategy towards your company goals?    

By these above questions, you can shortlist a few companies with your budget and services criteria. Step up to check and analyze their online presence, how attractive and informative their website is you must figure out how your adverts will look alike. Try to contact some and get information about how they are going to work? who will work on your project? Is he/she experienced and skillful? How are they going to work? Understand the process. Research the strategy as per your product. Being transparent and establishing daily reporting and communication for daily progress, make sure your agency agrees to it.   

About Webiators Technologies

Founded in 2017, Webiators is one of the fastest-growing Web Development and Internet Marketing Company offering a wide range of services all over the world. It is one of the best digital marketing agency that will surely make your all needs satisfied with their innovative ideas & strategies. Their services include Search Engine Optimization, Content Optimization, Technical SEO, Paid Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. The Company experienced working with 1000+ satisfied customers. Be among them!

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My Practice to Self-Improvement

In this age of fast forward in careers and studies a person with a flexible nature is always ready for the unexpected circumstances however the one with Un-adjustable behavior is going to endure with each circumstance. The main key to self-improvement is to be manageable with goals and ideas by own, starting with baby steps and giving more attention to how you should grow and broaden your way of thinking. Self-improvement is challenging yourself to improve the imperfections in you and there is a factor in improving yourself if you are not allowed to give up. Initially just write down the qualities you want for yourself after this to-do list and write a letter to your future self of what you are going to be.  Adventitiously, there is no end to this process. It’s like you keep growing, growing and so on.

 I’m exceptionally enthusiastic about self-improvement. I found my enthusiasm for developing. The more I grow, the more I understand there is such a great amount out there I don’t have the foggiest idea, so much that I need to learn. I understood there was nothing more significant than to seek after an existence of improvement and betterment. It is through developing ourselves that we capitalize on life.

 ‘Self-improvement is a significant efficient device. The better you become, the less time it takes you to accomplish your objectives.’

Here are a few tips I need to describe to the readers of this blog…

1 Read more books – At the point when you’re perusing a book each day, you will feed your brain with increasingly more information. The more books you read, the more intelligence you open yourself to.

2 Get a new hobby – Past simply your typical most loved hobbies, is there something new you can get? Any new game you can learn? Or a new sport you can play?

Gaining some new useful knowledge expects you to extend yourself in various perspectives, regardless of whether physically, mentally or emotionally.

3 Give your room inspiring makeover – Your condition sets the mind-set and tone for you. In the event that you are living in a persuasive situation, you will be roused each day. I didn’t care for my room at all since I thought it was muddled and dull. A couple of years back, I concluded this was it– I began a “Super Room Revamp” venture and upgraded my room.

4 Get out of your comfort zone – Genuine development accompanies difficult work. Shake your everyday practice up. Accomplish something else. By presenting yourself to another specific situation, you’re actually developing as you figure out how to act in new conditions. 

   I trust you “tuned in” hard to this message and starting to change in accordance with enhancing your very own self advancement plan by implying a portion of the methods above! Which one was your top pick? For more such useful topics visit Webiators blog page.

Which ecommerce platform is best for small business (2020)?

Before the era of digital marketing began, starting a business or store was a tough task. You need to have a physical location with all the stocks. But with technological advancement, all you need is a platform. A platform that will represent you to the world with all of your creative and innovative ideas.

Dealing online has become such a cost-effective, efficient, and popular way to earn in the digital world. But, to start an ecommerce business, Choosing the right platform is important. Surrounded by such a wide range of platforms in the world, being sure for the right platform is difficult.

To ease your difficulties here are listed some Best eCommerce Platform for Small Businesses: 


Magento is the world’s number one open-source eCommerce platform built with the vision of a flexible shopping system. Magento offers integrated core commerce features and tools for accelerated sales. Though, it is an all in one solution for small eCommerce businesses to experience various Magento Development Services at affordable prices.

Why to choose magento?

Besides being the No. 1 platform there are plenty of reasons why you should Choose Magento Website Development platform over other platforms-

  • Full customization control with open source technology
  • Easy to use with a wide range of layouts and plugins
  • Offer more than 50 payment gateway
  • Cost-Effective platform


Shopify is one of the most popular platforms in the fields of ecommerce to set up an online store.Shopify has been the forerunner in delivering eCommerce platforms engineered with exemplary features like unlimited product uploads, multi-language support, robust scalability, powerful analytics, 24/7 support and more.

Why to choose shopify

  • Easy To Setup And Use
  • Visually Appealing Online Store
  • App Integrations
  • Security and Reliability
  • Huge amount of plugins to choose from

Top 5 Things to consider while choosing ecommerce platform

Budget- In a bunch of eCommerce solutions, being cost-effective from the starting is the key for a long term partner with the website. As a small eCommerce business, demand packages full of useful tools and plugins at an affordable cost.

Tools & Plugins- Being particular about the tool you specifically need or the action you want for your website is necessary for a goal-oriented shopping platform that is user friendly and easy to navigate.

Scalability- If right now you are running a small business, don’t be in a nutshell of considering it for a lifetime. Be the one with a long term vision to expand your business to the next level with advanced features.

Performance- Setting up a website is not the only process a businessman has to go through. Making people buy it and consider it over other dealers is one of the most important aspects of choosing the best platform. The platform that serves the best performance with its advanced features and plugins.

Customization- Choose the platform which offers a full customization power in your hand.

About Webiators

Webiators is a magento development company Founded in 2017 with a vision to passionately fulfill digital needs of every individual, Webiators has remarkably set a footprint in the Ecommerce world. It offers robust Ecommerce solutions for stores worldwide. From extension development, store migration, customization, upgrade to marketing and SEO, we are masters in various technologies like Magento, WordPress, PHP and many more.

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Take Your Online Business A Notch Higher With Magento Development Services

Looking for a platform to build your Website? Surprising the business, Magento offers various propelled highlights including complete flexibility, robustness and scalability. In the event that you wish to have a Magento controlled eCommerce store, you can benefit from proficient and tweaked Magento development services from Webiators, a solid and presumed organization whose magento development experts hold gigantic involvement with this field. The Magento Commerce platform helps the e-commerce industry to increase more with its unique features.

Webiators a Magento Development Company offers inventive, exceptionally imaginative, and profoundly practical shopping basket frameworks that makes your eCommerce sites more appealing. Few out of every odd eCommerce stage is secure, yet Magento is considered one of the most secure and solid among its rivals.

Now the question is why Magento Development is considered best for developing and designing an online store?

  1. Magento is an open source platform.
  2. Magento enhances the brand value of your business.
  3. It is transparent because the source code is defined as public that anybody can read the code.
  4. It provides extraordinary flexibility
  5. Magento is accepted worldwide and is considered as one of the best shopping cart platforms.
  6. Magento development Services are now used widely and extensively all over the world.
  7. Magento provides a platform to control all your online merchandise.

We in our Magento Website Development service provide an integrated payment gateway where you can keep power over the looks, content, plans, style, illustrations and so on for your site. You can redo your site as indicated by your necessities and your own thoughts. This will help you in getting an edge over the online market rivalry.

Let’s outline the magento development services that our magento experts offer:

  • Magento web development
  • Magento installation and configuration
  • Magento integration
  • Magento theme development
  • Magento upgrades
  • Custom Magento development
  • Backend report customization
  • Extension and plug-in development
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • 3rd party application integration
  • Magento mobile commerce
  • Support and maintenance

Distinctive Features of Magento 

The e-commerce platform has increased its potential, yet they are as yet finding a new direction to develop, and it has become more than simply purchasing and selling. Our Magento Development Company will ensure that the business owners contact every feature of their business, which can help sell items to a wholesale business. It will likewise permit the companies to take care of their back-end features that comprise of business intelligence, planning policies, investigation, and decision-production.

Category Permissions 

Some of the time it can get testing to oversee when the business attempts to push offers to a specific gathering of customers. Magento Commerce enables the organizations to deal with the classes and distribute rules to the classifications dependent on which the strategies’ choices will be made.

Gift Cards 

Numerous individuals like to include gift cards in the envelopes as opposed to buying a physical gift as it gives autonomy to the beneficiary to purchase whatever goes under the gift card. Consequently, the Magento Admin dashboard business during Magento Website Development can cause the dashboard with the goal that they can follow the issue and utilization of the physical, virtual, or a consolidated gift card through the gift card account.


If you are planning to make a foray into the eCommerce business, Magento is the answer for you. You can outsource store development needs to Webiators an eminent Magento Development Company. You can concentrate on core competencies while magento website development experts will work on your project to deliver tailored solutions at the most cost-effective prices and in the fastest possible turnaround time.

How To Create A Simple Hello World Module In Magento 2?

In the blog we will discuss the topic of how to create a simple Hello World module in Magento 2 in order to help you have the clearest and easiest way to create now.

We’re going to build a very simple module in Magento 2. When finished, the module’s output will say “Hello world!” in the block content on a custom frontend route.

To create Hello World module, you need to follow the following steps for Magento 2 Module Development:

step 1: Create the folder of Hello World module
step 2: Create etc/module.xml file
step 3: Create etc/registration.php file
step 4: Enable the module

Step 1: Create the folder of Hello World module

Module names in magento2 are divided into two part “VendorName_ModuleName”
e.g Magento_Search, Magento_Catalog or Webiators_Test
first part is the vendor and second part is the actual module.

Let’s take our module name to be “Webiators_HelloWorld”. First we need Focus on following guide to create the folders:

Step 2: Create etc/module.xml file

Next we need to create etc folder and add the module.xml file

Contents would be:

Step 3: Create etc/registration.php file

Next we need to Create etc/registration.php file
In this step, we will add registration.php as following guide:

Contents would be:

Step 4: Enable the module

Finish the step 3, we have already created the HelloWorld module. And we will enable this module in this step

After create the module if you run the command as:

php bin/magento module:status
You should see the module is disable now:

List of disabled modules: Webiators _HelloWorld

Follow exact guide to enable the module right now, let run the command as:

php bin/magento module:enable Webiators _HelloWorld
Or other way, you can access the file:

You will see a long list of modules there, just add your module as well

‘ Webiators _HelloWorld’ => 1,

Your module should be available now.

After this step, when you open your website in browser you will get an error saying

Please upgrade your database: Run bin/magento setup:upgrade from the Magento root directory.

Let run the command:

php bin/magento setup:upgrade

After complete,when you open your website in browser you will see the layout of the website is broken.

Please run the deloy command line to fix it.

php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
After deploy completed, you can also see your module from backend at System Configuration -> Advanced -> Disable Modules Output.

Now, we will create a controller to test module.

Before create a controller, we will create a route for HelloWorld module.

Route’s in magento are divided into 3 parts: Route frontname, controller and action as following example:

http:// Webiators .com/index.php/frontname/controller/action
To add route, it is necessary to create routes.xml file


since this is a frontend route, we added it in frontend/ folder else we need to add it to adminhtml/ folder

Content would be:

After defining the first part of the route, the URL will be displayed as:

E.g: http://localhost/helloworld/*

Then, we will continue to create the controller and action

The folder and file you need to create is:

app/code/ Webiators /HelloWorld/Controller/Index/Test.php

Contents would be:

After completed, please run php bin/magento cache:clean to check result.

Your URL now should be as:


After finish all steps, the output Hello World should be displayed in your browser when you open the URL. We hope our guide is very useful and effective for you. Any questions, feel free to ask any such questions at Webiators.

Shopify Experts and Ecommerce Services 2020

Looking for an expert for your ecommerce store? Being one of the best Shopify development companies in India we expertise in designing and developing highly personalized Shopify e-stores for all business sizes. Having an online store is not just an option anymore, but a necessity to advance your business and increase profits. 

We know your expectations from your online store, which attracts maximum consumers and well-matched on all the web browsers and runs on all the devices like tablets, desktops as well as smartphones. Our Shopify developers build e-stores that are responsive, user-friendly and create an excellent user experience for your customers. It will help you to boost your revenue & conversion rates quickly and with high quality.

Why To Choose Shopify For Your Ecommerce Store?

Shopify has been the forerunner in delivering eCommerce platforms engineered with excellence, by powering over 800,000+ businesses and making $100 billion in platform sales since its inception. With exemplary features like unlimited product uploads, multi-language support, robust scalability, powerful analytics, 24/7 support and more, Shopify is the game changer your online store needs.

Some unique features of shopify:

  • Easy To Setup And Use
  • Visually Appealing Online Store
  • App Integrations
  • Security and Reliability
  • Excellent Loading Speed
  • Powerful Marketing Tools
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Outstanding Customer Support
  • Easy Payment
  • SEO Friendly

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is a commerce platform specially designed with high volume, enterprise-level brands in mind. With the Shopify Plus enterprise-level and fast-growing merchants can build a fully hosted, and SaaS E-commerce platform at a relatively low cost. “With Plus you can get to market quicker, integrate your existing business functions and focus your budgets on driving traffic.”

What Services Do Shopify Offer?

Shopify Store Set-Up

We assist you to get started with Shopify by setting up Shopify Theme, adding products, setting up payment / shipping gateway along with adequate guidance to get the ball rolling. A Shopify store represents your business and we make sure to set up a store that attracts customers’ attention and encourages them to visit your store again and again.

Store Design & Development

We offer customer-focused design and conversion-driven approach to convert your vision into reality. We provide a complete Shopify web design, development, and deployment solution. Our team of creative and passionate Shopify developers help you develop beautiful and engaging e-Commerce stores within the budget. 

Shopify App Development & Customization

In this competitive online business era, if you don’t have a mobile app for your online business, it becomes difficult to survive, as most of the shoppers now buy items online using their mobile devices. Along with our Shopify web design services, we also specialize in Shopify Custom App development and add-ons features suited to your needs. 

Shopify Theme Development

Our designers are experts at designing responsive Shopify themes suiting to your niche market. We ensure that the Shopify theme design we deliver is compatible with all browsers, platforms, and devices. We offer customer-focused design and conversion-driven approach to convert your vision into reality.

Shopify Migration Services

Want to migrate your online store from an existing platform to Shopify? Well, that is a smart decision. Our experienced Shopify developers can help you in accomplishing this task successfully by migrating from any platform like Magento, WooCommerce, etc. to Shopify without losing any data.

API Integration, Module & Plug-in Management

At Webiators, we offer you exclusive services to support you in managing product inventory and increase business sales conversions. Facilitating your users to login through their social media account, payment gateway enhancement, inventory management, etc., are some of the examples of the add-ons which we can integrate to improve the functionality of your online store.

Shopify Support And Maintenance Services

We continuously upgrade your Shopify website whenever new versions are released, fix bugs, and maintain it as per your business requirements to help your store to be competitive and gain maximum conversions. Our Shopify web design services facilitate our clients with the best quality Support and Maintenance post completion of the project.

Wrapping Up

With such amazing features, Shopify deservingly emerges as one of the best choices for e-commerce store development. Reach out to Webiators a reputed development company having experience and resources to build an engaging & secure online selling store. Share your requirements with us and get the perfect solution for business.

How to Do a Basic Website Audit?

site audit is done to identify a wide range of website issues. Websites are complex beasts and issues arise all the time—and you won’t be aware of them unless you audit your site regularly and so you will be in search of steps to conduct a website’s audit. A good website audit takes into account all the factors that can influence your website’s success: From your perspective, your customer’s, and Google’s. Here is the simplest way to do a website’s audit quickly. Before you start reading the steps Webiators would like to advise you to contact our SEO expert inorder to get your website ranked on search results:

SEO Audit Checklist

  • Keyword Research – Are the keywords you are targeting relevant?
  • Content Prioritization / On-Page Optimization – What kind of content is working or not working on your website?
  • Strategy Alignment – Which aspects of SEO should you be focusing on?

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the process of finding keywords that you want to rank for in search engines. It’s about understanding what potential customers are searching for and how.

Follow These Steps:

  1. Learn more about your topic
  2. specify what is your brand’s mission
  3. Make a list of all the topics related to your brand
  4. Start creating a list of seed keywords
  5. Begin with using a keyword tool
  6. Keyword search on your competitors

Content Prioritization

Running a workshop, or even organising a well planned meeting, can put all of the content requirements on the table (or the wall using sticky notes if a practical session). Here’s a suggested agenda from GatherContent’s content production planning guide:

  • Invite the project’s content team (that get a say in what to prioritise)
  • Print off and stick up your sitemap / list of potential content pages and assets
  • Does this content directly support the communication goals for the target audience?
  • Is this content unique to this site? (There is little value in generic content)
  • Does it need lots of effort to produce? Will it be difficult to maintain?

By the end of this session, all those involved will have had a chance to share their priorities and put the case forward for why some content should take priority over other content. This should all be discussed with the business goals, user needs and target audience in mind. It’s also worth emphasising that quality trumps quantity when it comes to content.

On-Page Optimization

Essential On-Page SEO Factors You Need to Know

  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description
  • Headlines
  • Header Tags
  • SEO Writing
  • Keyword Cannibalization
  • Content Audit
  • Image Optimization

Strategy Alignment

Think of your own business and ask yourself, using a scale of 1 – 100, How well does our strategy support the fulfillment of our purpose? Strategic alignment, for us, means that all elements of a business — including the market strategy and the way the company itself is organized — are arranged in such a way as to best support the fulfillment of its long-term purpose. 

Amasty’s well-known partner – Webiators

Today we’re sharing some exciting news. Amasty and Webiators are now official partners! We’re happy to collaborate with great companies and to join our forces for providing the best solutions for Magento store owners. Amasty is a Magento official partner! Webiators being one of the best magento development agencies has finally registered its name in the Amasty Partner Companies and are looking forward to this collaboration which will help both of the companies to grow in a better manner. 

Webiators: Founded in 2017 with a vision to passionately fulfill digital needs of every individual, Webiators has a remarkably set footprint in the Ecommerce world. Webiators is a software development company providing robust Ecommerce solutions for stores worldwide. From extension development, store migration, customization, upgrade to marketing and SEO, we are masters in various technologies like Magento, WordPress, PHP and many more.

Webiators is a premier Magento development company that helps thousands of retailers scale their businesses to the next level by taking them online. Our business partners come from all across the globe. It’s our partners who inspire us to develop fully-fledged and user-friendly Magento websites and Magento extensions. And it’s our partners who trust us with the success of their business. We are into the e-commerce market ourselves and know what may go for everybody in the business.

While we offer the core marketing, design, and migration services, our specialty is in complex coding projects. The company have developed some of the most well-known extensions on the market today, like GeoIP Redirection & Locker (M2), Reindex From Admin (M2), Share On Whatsapp (M2). We are proud of being able to create what our clients need quickly and efficiently, and we are always looking forward to the next challenge.

Some of our clients are larger U.S. corporations, and they pass the work to us on a regular basis. We also rely on always prompt customer service to set our agency apart. When a merchant submits a request with Advanced Logic, the team takes a clear, empirical approach and quickly analyzes each detail to create a proposal containing both a financial outline and a well-defined workflow. We pride ourselves in maintaining precise, transparent communications and planning with each of our clients, and it’s helped us to build a fantastic reputation in the e-commerce industry. 


We decided to establish this collaboration because Amasty is a leading provider of products and specific support for Magento. We spent a lot of time on the extensions created by Amasty for a lot of our customers and we can say that they are well documented and created with professionalism. We decided to become their partners in order to provide to our customers the most complete ecommerce solutions thanks to the extensions and the support offered by the Amasty Team.

We believe that this partnership will bring us new experiences and new possibilities to achieve the best and increasingly successful e-commerce, which will reflect and satisfy more and more of our customers.

Our other partners include:


We already have the capability to work with Magento 2 so if you are looking for an affordable magento development company visit Webiators, and we are excited about the new opportunities this new platform presents which is the newly announced Magento 2.4 update! We’re excited about the new opportunities and hope that it will bring even more Magento stores to the new level of operation.

Recently Magento Released Magento 2.4 Latest Version July 2020

Finally, the wait for Magento’s lovers for Magento 2.4 Latest Version is over. Already since the epidemic COVID 19, fans of Magento had different expectations about its latest version 2.4.0. As everyone knows, Magento provides the best facilities to all the store owners to move forward by issuing necessary upgrades from time to time. During this pandemic COVID 19, it has also been observed that e-commerce trade can be made even better and safer. Magento is one of the most influential, feature-generating, and used platforms in the world of eCommerce. Adobe has provided even more facilities for eCommerce merchants by launching the latest version of Magento Open Source, not only that this new version will help in capturing new opportunities in the current commerce landscape and preparing them for the future.

With this new version, merchants can make online shopping extremely easy by providing the best facilities to the customers at their online store which will further help in influencing the customers at the store. Magento 2.4 will help in increasing the performance along with greater security of the online store.

In this article, you will learn about the essential features of Magento’s Latest Version 2.4.

Platform Safety, Quality, and Performance:

With the release of Magento 2.4 Latest Version, Store owners will gain an experience that is even more secure and reliable. The release of this latest version of Magento includes a number of enhancements to the quality, security and performance of the platform.

Two-factor authentication is available for the Magento admin. 

Data rendering for UI data providers is now disabled by default

Content Security Policy improvements

Template filter strict mode is now enabled by default

New Composer Update Plugin that automates many old manual upgrade steps, making the process easy and secure.

PWA Studio:

Magento 2.4.0 supports PWA Studio 6.0.0 and 6.0.1.

New Media Gallery:

This replacement for the former Media Gallery provides a new, searchable interface for Magento Media assets.

Infrastructure improvements:

This release contains enhancements to core quality, which improve the quality of the Framework and these modules: Customer Account, Catalog, CMS, Import, Cart and Checkout, and B2B.

Support for the partial-word search for Elasticsearch.

PayPal JavaScript SDK upgrade.

Deprecation and removal of the Web Setup Wizard.

Composer update plugin. 

Removal of core integration of third-party payment methods. 

Platform upgrades:

The following platform upgrades help enhance website security and performance. Supported versions of PHP and PHPUnit, Elasticsearch, MySQL, and other dependencies are listed in Magento 2.4 technology stack requirements.

Now the Magento 2.4 Latest Version is fully ready to take the online business to the next level. For more information related to this, you can click on the link given here.

Magento Open Source 2.4.0 Release Notes

Magento Commerce 2.4.0 Release Notes

Thank you!