July 19, 2020 Yogesh Khasturi

Magento 2.3 create the new database table using declarative schema

Hello Magento Folks,

As you know from magento 2.3, use  db_schema.xml  for creating a new table for the database instead of written InstallSchema PHP class. The new database table creation/updating concept in Magento 2.3 is called declarative schema.

Also From Magento 2.3 We don’t need to create InstallSchema.php and UpgradeSchema.php

Now you can create a database table using a new way by creating DB schema XML file lets take a look.

Create a file db_schema.xml 

We have taken different field types for creating the new database table. You can take the only required onc.

<table>…</table> : “Used for create table in Magento 2.3+”
<column>…</column> : “Used for create different column of the table”
You can set int, text, varchar, timestamp, date, datetime, smallint, float, decimal, double etc.
<constraint>…</constraint> : “Used for set of constraint, Like primary key, foreign key, unique key.”

Upgrade your database to create/update table in Magento 2.3 by using below command

Now you can check in database new table with name “test_table” with all added column will be created.

Hope this code helped you. please feel free to comment in case of any issue.

Happy Coding

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