May 27, 2020 Yogesh Khasturi

Amasty Free Gift For Magento 2 Extension

Amasty Free Gift

Amasty’s free gift extension for magento 2 enables online store owners to run various promo campaigns based on free gifting. With this, store owners will be able to build more loyalty in their customers towards their stores and can motivate customers to make more and more purchases. 

The original Magento 2 has very limited promotional functionality but an additional tool set is needed when a store needs to run an effective promo campaign. And this is the reason Amasty has developed this free gift extension for Magento 2, using which store owners can start a promo campaign very easily in a very short time. Which will work very effectively for their store and attract more and more visitors to shopping. This can greatly increase both conversion rates and sales at the store.

After integrating this extension the store owner is able to take 5 promo actions to automatically add free and discounted products to the cart. It also allows store owners to display attractive banners to inform customers about offers, and not only can visitors enjoy the benefit of choosing a gift among available promo items.

This Amasty module enables you to take ४ additional promo actions that can automatically add free gifts to the cart based on the terms such as Auto adding promo items to the entire vehicle, creating flexible conditions for Auto products. Add promo items along, Auto add a single product, Auto add promo items with every X spent, and auto promo items for each en-th product No They provide the facility to inform them about the free gift at all stores.

Here is a list of all the essential features of Amasty’s Magento 2 Stripe Payment Extension

See detailed reports on promo effectiveness with add-on
5 additional auto add promo actions
Informative banners on product pages
Auto add only in-stock products
Works with coupon codes and mobile optimized
Ability to add free and non-free products
4 product types support

If you want to take advantage of the convenience provided by it for your store to integrate this extension at the store, then you are able to get information related to it through this live chat option. And if you want to get it at a good price, then you can contact us or you can also inform us about it by commenting in the comment section below.

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