May 25, 2020 Yogesh Khasturi

Amasty Security Suite For Magento 2 Extension

Amasty Security Suite

Nowadays, a large number of merchants all over the world own the ecommerce store based on the Magento platform, which is capable of carrying much needed information and a very large amount of transactions on their store. And therefore Magento has become a matter of great concern for store owners for the safety of their stores. Everyone wants to protect their online store from hacker attacks and other malicious security threats. Approximately 40% of online merchants bear the pains of the necessary data loss at least once in 5 years. There can be various reasons such as external hacker attacks, negligence or even actions of malicious administrator users.

Such safety breaks in store performance can strongly affect customer confidence and ultimately result in a huge reduction in revenue for the store. If you are also concerned about security at your store and want to secure important information and transactions on the store in advance from the attacks by hackers on the store then Magento 2 Security Suite extension created by Amasty Allows you to take complete control of your store management very easily. In other words, we can say that this extension of Amasty helps you eliminate all internal and external security issues, providing a customizable solution to your daily security needs.

With this extension, store owners can be able to successfully save their revenue by preventing unwanted login attempts and other malicious attacks. It can also ensure data security by effectively managing user permissions and advanced password settings.

Here is a list of some important features of Amasty’s Magento 2 Security Site Extension.

Easily protect your store from bots

Add reCaptcha to any website form

Get full picture of backend activities

Receive notifications about all login attempts

Double your admin panel security

Include reliable IP addresses in the white list

Effectively manage user permissions

Amasty Security for Magento 2 is a true security solution for online stores based on the Magento platform. If you are also particularly concerned about the safety of your store then you can also use this extension to increase the security of your store. If you want to get more information related to this extension or if you want to get it for a good price then you can contact us. You can also discuss this with us with the help of the Live Chat option.

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